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As the ethical disclaimer in the legal profession goes, “prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.” But, in choosing a law firm, it is wise to inquire what sort of matters the firm has handled before – and outcomes it has achieved – to ensure it brings the necessary level of skill and commitment to your individual case or problem. We believe our results speak for themselves. In a short time we have already changed the law in tremendous ways, and we look forward to bringing the skill set that achieved these past results to bear on your specific case or problem.

Dean v. University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, 804 F.3d 178 (2d Cir. 2015)

Reversed the federal district court’s dismissal of the plaintiff’s Americans with Disabilities Act/Rehabilitation Act claims on appeal alleging termination from medical school in the case that established the standards for the burdens of production and persuasion in an educational institution discrimination case – a case now cited repeatedly across the country by other federal courts.

Wellsville Citizens for Responsible Development v. Wal-Mart, et al., 140 A.D.3d 1767 (4th Dep’t 2016)

Represented citizens group and successfully annulled State Environmental Quality Review (“SEQRA”) determination regarding construction of proposed Wal-Mart supercenter in Wellsville, New York thereby stopping, by its own admission, Wal-Mart’s last attempt to build supercenter stores in New York State.

In re: Buffalo Biodiesel cases (Erie County Supreme Court)

Counsel for multiple out-of-state restaurants sued by local waste oil collector attempting to unfairly haul contractual clients into Erie County in pattern and practice investigated by various journalists and, ultimately, the Attorney General. Motion to dismiss brought by us, in conjunction with several large law firms representing other clients, resulted in definitive declaration that the plaintiff’s contractual forum selection clause was unenforceable.

New York State Attorney General Complaint re: Buffalo Police Department

Co-author and co-signer of the well-publicized “Black Lives Matter” letter complaint and report submitted to the New York State Attorney General’s Office summarizing two years’ worth of clinical research into discriminatory practices by the Buffalo Police Department. Executive summary (upon which the full 125 page+ report is based) is available here.

Matter of [Anonymous] (New York State Division of Human Rights)

Settlement of employment discrimination suit against large area health care provider for more than three times the cap predicted by New York State Division of Human Rights staff counsel assigned to the case prior to our retention.

In re: Google Subpoena

Of counsel for defense of highly-publicized pre-discovery information subpoena sought against Google to disclose identity of blogger in one of the first cases of its type – one that was reported by the American Bar Association and the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.  

People v. B.M. (Chautauqua County)

Trial attorney for highly-publicized case alleging defendant’s firing of replica Civil War cannon at neighbor. Defendant acquitted of all criminal charges at trial, non-criminal offenses reversed on appeal through continued representation.

People v. M.S. (Erie County Court)

Trial co-counsel in acquittal for murder in the second degree.

People v. L.P. (Buffalo City Court/Erie County Court)

Counsel for defendant facing criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree charge concerning handgun tied to gang murder. Case dismissed.

Allentown, Buffalo Street Art Murals

Legal counsel for public art project in the historic Allentown, Buffalo neighborhood involving the painting of various street art murals by an artist restricted from actually touching and possessing art-making materials.  A summary of the project can be found here.

Our firm has also handled sensitive matters involving Child Protective Services charges of abuse and neglect, up to and including those involving the death of a child. To date, we have helped our clients avoid criminal charges based on allegations, and, in some cases, through our thorough investigation, have resolved the matters with our clients obtaining joint or even sole custody of their children, working at times with some of the nation’s most recognized expert witnesses.

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