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As a small business ourselves, we understand the demands you as an owner face on a daily basis, as well as the desire to focus on your core product or service in an effort to ultimately grow your business.  However, disputes are a natural part of operating a business, and when a dispute arises, it diverts your attention from growing your business.  As a trial law firm, we are prepared to take your controversy to the courts to achieve a favorable result for you.

Small Business Litigation:

Our office handles a variety of commercial litigation matters for small businesses, including lawsuits for

  • Breach of contract/contract disputes
  • Commercial collections
  • Wrongful interference with business relationships
  • Non-payment for goods or services
  • Defective or non-conforming goods
  • Product liability
  • Zoning and land use
  • Wrongful termination defense
  • Fraud

Most importantly, we understand that small businesses are often adverse to the idea of using litigation to resolve problems because of its costs, and often simply cannot afford to expend unlimited funds on a solution like larger companies may be able to.  Therefore, we approach issues with an understanding that efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount to successful resolution of any problem brought to our office.

Mr. MacKay’s admissions in both New York and California uniquely allow him to assist small business clients who have litigation issues in either state and want to retain a single attorney capable to handling proceedings in both states.  Additionally, retaining a California-admitted attorney based in the Buffalo and Western New York area has the added benefit of controlling your potential attorney’s fees by not paying the far higher fees associated with attorneys practicing out of a California office.

Contact us today to learn how we can put our advocacy skills to work for you in a cost-effective manner through mediation, arbitration, and litigation as a last resort

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