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Facing a disciplinary hearing at a college or university for violating codes of conduct?  You may think these hearings are nothing to worry about, but they should not be taken lightly.

Higher Education Disciplinary Hearings:

Many schools have their own internal disciplinary systems that mirror the criminal justice system, and a student can easily find himself or herself subjected to both internal disciplinary charges and criminal charges in a court of law.  However, these higher education tribunal systems often do not incorporate the same protections and procedures a defendant is due in a court of law. Nevertheless, the punishments that may be handed down are severe, ranging up to expulsion for a student or revocation of a charter for a fraternity, sorority or organization.  A conviction from a school disciplinary tribunal may also have consequences later in life if you apply to graduate or professional programs or for admission to practice a profession.

Why hire an attorney for a school disciplinary hearing?

Some schools have established “student defender” offices to assist students charged with violations of the school code.  However, these offices are usually staffed by students themselves, and these student defenders oftentimes cannot actually represent students in front of the disciplinary tribunals. Additionally, if you are charged with a crime as well as a school disciplinary violation, you should consider the advantage of retaining an attorney who will handle both proceedings, so as to ensure the best possible outcome.  Mr. MacKay’s knowledge of criminal defense and evidentiary law can help you or your organization’s chances at a favorable outcome by ensuring the case is fairly presented to the hearing officers.

Contact us today to learn how we can aggressively represent you in such proceedings so you can resume your studies or group organization’s activities as quickly as possible.

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