General Litigation

In addition to the other practice areas listed, we represent individuals and businesses as both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of general litigation matters.

Exposure to litigation can arise long before anyone files a lawsuit. We recognize that successful outcomes for clients balance a number of factors, and that, in many situations, avoidance of litigation is a paramount concern. Litigation risk assessment is the process in which we are hired to evaluate a client’s exposure to the risks and costs associated with instituting, or defending against, potential litigation. Clients often find that engaging in such a process allows them to make an informed decision.

For those clients that then choose to retain us to further address the issue, we draw on a wide range of strategies to pursue our clients’ objectives, yet do not fear the prospect of carrying a case all the way through to trial, or even through to appeal. We are particularly known for our aggressive style of representation.

Many lawsuits involve a public perception aspect and require skillful interaction with the media to control a client’s image or minimize collateral issues. We have experience with drafting media statements to local, national and international news sources so as to best position a client seeking to explain his or her legal situation without risking unnecessary exposure.

Litigation Practice Areas

Litigation Risk Assessment
Business Litigation
Breach of Contract
Employment Disputes
Discrimination Claims
Nonprofit Representation
Consumer Litigation
FDCPA/FCRA Litigation

Representative Matters

Of counsel for defense of highly-publicized pre-discovery information subpoena sought against Google to disclose identity of blogger

Counsel for street artist seeking to overcome uniquely prohibitive parole conditions in completing permanent street art fixture in the City of Buffalo

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