After the initial questions of whether a person has a case or what the best outcome on a charge might be, the next-most important question people often have is, “What will this cost me?”  The straightforward answer is, “It depends.”

Legal fees are unlike prices for products bought in a store — the lawyer is not always selling the same product because each case is different.   Above all, the strategic decision on how far to take a case always lies with you, the client. Therefore, it is in your best interest to sit down with a lawyer to carefully evaluate your case so that he or she can provide you with an estimate that most accurately reflects what he or she believes will be required to handle the matter.  The bottom line is: seek out an attorney who will review your case before carefully explaining to you what his or her fee covers. 

Our fees are structured differently for different matters.  While many small business litigation matters are handled on an hourly rate, more routine business affairs may be structured as a flat fee to provide the client with predictability.  Criminal defense, family law matters and routine evictions are also usually handled on a flat fee basis, with payment required up front.  After an initial consultation, you can expect to be provided with an estimated fee, a breakdown of what that fee covers, and an estimated retainer, if necessary.  We also recognize that paying for a lawyer can be a major expense, and that the need for a lawyer does not always arise when you have the money to pay for a lawyer.  Therefore, in many cases, we can work with you to arrange for a payment plan or payment by credit card.




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