Family Law

Family law matters encompass a substantial amount of our practice, and we handle actions and proceedings in both Family Court and Supreme Court. What sets us apart is our style of aggressively bringing to bear on family law issues experience from multiple areas of complex litigation. Admission to practice in both New York and California also allows us to uniquely assist clients who may have family issues in either state and want to retain a single attorney capable of handling proceedings in both states.

Within the Family Court, child abuse and neglect proceedings are generally considered the most serious matters and most often arise from reports to Child Protective Services. If you find yourself named as a respondent in one of these proceedings, the consequences are severe: you can ultimately face termination of your parental rights to your child. Beyond that, respondents in child abuse and neglect proceedings also risk exposure to criminal action, divorce proceedings and custody/visitation disputes. Therefore, consider choosing an attorney who will bring a multi-faceted approach to your defense and experience in the relevant areas of law necessary to protect all the interests at stake.

In addition, we also handle Mental Hygiene Law Article 81 guardianship matters, which may arise in the family context when one family member alleges that another family member needs a guardian of the person or property due to incapacitation.

Family Law Practice Areas

Child Custody and Visitation
Family Offense Petitions
Uncontested Divorces
Family Court Appeals
Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings
CPS Investigation Representation
Termination of Parental Rights Defense
Article 81 Guardianships

Representative Matters

Respondent parent’s counsel in Article 10 abuse and neglect proceeding involving over seven children

Attorney for the alleged incapacitated person in Article 81 guardianship matter centered on six-figure estate

Respondent parent’s counsel in abuse and neglect proceeding involving death of an infant

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