Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is our largest practice area. We handle felony and misdemeanor criminal cases in state, federal and local courts.

Although many people only begin to think about retaining a lawyer once they are arrested or criminal charges are filed, defense against a potential criminal charge can begin long before charges are filed, and proper handling of an investigation or proffer may result in the avoidance of criminal charges.

Once charges are filed, clients face a number of obstacles, and even seemingly minor charges can have lasting repercussions. Aggressive representation is therefore necessary to protect the client’s rights and interests at stake in a criminal case. It is also important to retain a lawyer comfortable with handling the case all the way through to trial, should that become necessary. We approach all our criminal cases with a trial perspective in mind – as well as the added consideration that a client’s case must be well-positioned for an appeal (link to appeal page) in the event of an unsuccessful outcome.

In addition, many criminal cases involve a public perception aspect and require skillful interaction with the media to control a client’s image or minimize collateral issues. We have experience with criminal cases that have captured the attention of national and international media and required us to respond quickly with media statements to both local news outlets and the Associated Press.

Criminal Law Practice Areas

Federal Criminal Defense
New York State Criminal Defense
Town/Justice Court Criminal Defense
Traffic Violations
Witness Representation
Proffers/Investigation Representation

Representative Matters

Felony attempted burglary resolved with Class B misdemeanor and sentence of conditional discharge

Defendant in high-publicity case involving firing of a Civil War replica cannon at neighbor acquitted after jury trial of all serious charges

Felony grand larceny, harassment and child endangerment charges resolved with adjournments in contemplation of dismissal

Class C felony burglary resolved with favorable youthful offender adjudication

Defendant facing DWI, speeding, failure to signal and other traffic charges acquitted of all charges other than speeding after trial

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