Civil Rights

We maintain an active commitment to the advocacy of individual civil liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the New York State Constitution that spans the political spectrum from left to right. Whether that involves evaluating prospective challenges to controversial legislation or reacting to perceived law enforcement transgressions, we apply an advanced understanding of constitutional law and procedure to the issues at hand.

Apart from plaintiff-oriented civil rights suits seeking to vindicate client rights, we defend clients in civil proceedings in which the loss of civil rights or licensures is at stake – such as pistol permit or business license revocations. We also assist clients seeking a path of rehabilitation to restore civil rights previously lost – such as those with a past criminal history looking to regain the right to possess a firearm. With respect to Second Amendment issues, cases handled by our office have been selected for litigation and ideological support by the National Rifle Association’s Civil Rights Defense Fund.

Civil Rights Practice Areas

Police Brutality/ Malicious Prosecution
False Arrest and Unlawful Imprisonment
First Amendment Challenges
Second Amendment Infringement
Inmate Constitutional Violations
License Suspension/Revocation Defense

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